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Y'all, It *Might* Snow This Sunday

Wintery precipitation is forecasted for our region this weekend.

By Catherine Wendlandt January 7, 2021

In a magical silver lining in what's been a tough week for Houstonians, it might actually snow on Sunday. Maybe. Possibly.

Okay, so admittedly the odds are long on this one. In fact, even if we are graced with some fluffy white flakes in the area, the flurries are not expected to reach the city itself. Sigh. According to Eric Berger over at Space City Weather, "Snow, and accumulating snow at that is becoming more likely across the northern stretches of Southeast Texas, particularly along and north of Highway 105." 

So what does this mean? Well, while areas as tantalizingly close as Lake Livingston, Conroe, Cleveland, and Navasota stand a decent chance of getting snow, it's more likely that our region will get some sleet (freezing rain that we Houstonians can count as practically snow in a pinch), said Berger.

The one thing that does seem likely is that wintery precipitation is coming. Why? Well, a fast-moving winter storm will hightail it across Texas this weekend, reaching the Houston area sometime Sunday. There will be a slightly-cooler-than-normal airmass sitting over us, wrote Berger, and if it collides with a coastal low pressure system (which is forecasted for Sunday evening), then voilà! A Bing Crosby Sunday in January. "I’d like to see it colder to be more excited about snow chances," he wrote. "Alas, we’ll work with this."

But even sleet could yield at least a little bit of the stuff winter wonderlands are made of. Berger also explained we could see snowflakes from a phenomenon called "dynamic cooling." Basically, if it rains hard enough and the air is dry and cold enough, it'll turn that sleet to snow. 

So here's to hoping we have a flurry of reasons to bundle up this weekend. Now let's all go do a rain ... er, snow ... dance for good luck.

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