Clean your room

Bro Concept

The most important room in a man's house is often where he puts the least amount of thought.

07/24/2013 By Peter Holley


Beyoncé: Brilliant Feminist Role Model or Narcissistic, Reactionary Fake?

Debating all things Beyoncé.

07/15/2013 By Michael Hardy and Peter Holley


It Worked for Robocop

At Jump Start City, you can help shape Houston's shopping landscape.

07/09/2013 By Peter Holley


Cultural Currency

Alex López Negrete gives us a trillion reasons to market to Hispanics.

07/01/2013 By Peter Holley Photography by Todd Spoth

Texas Beaches

Ask Dr. Beach

Put on your hat and sunscreen: it's time for Beachcombing 101.

07/01/2013 Photography by Peter Holley

Wedding Wednesday!

Vera Wang Unveils Her First Floral Collection

What does a "girls' night out" smell like? What scent bespeaks modernism? Only Vera Wang can tell you.

06/19/2013 By Peter Holley

Top Dentists 2013

Method Brushing

You’re brushing your teeth wrong, all wrong.

06/01/2013 By Peter Holley

Real Estate

25 Hottest Neighborhoods

The best places to live right now.

06/01/2013 By Peter Holley and John Lomax Photography by Todd Spoth


Into the Deep

Deborah Mouton, poet, shows us the road to honesty and confrontation, paved with pencils.

06/01/2013 By Peter Holley Photography by Charles Ford

Lone Star College

Maida in Houston

Of terrorism and terroir.

06/01/2013 By Peter Holley

Do you tote?

Man Bagging

Nab a Houston job by showing up to an interview in style

05/21/2013 By Peter Holley


Hamilton Summer Collection

For their latest collection, Hamilton heads west

05/16/2013 By Peter Holley

Men's Fashion 2013

Trimming the fat

New business allows men to slim their old neckties

05/14/2013 By Peter Holley

Fashion Event

Apiece Apart Trunk Show at Leap

The label returns to its Texas roots

05/01/2013 By Peter Holley

Grooming like your grandpa

Old School, Luxury Depilation at Shave

My brief love affair with a man and his blade

04/26/2013 Photography by Peter Holley


Strip Search

God and Man on Boone Road.

04/25/2013 By Peter Holley

Fall Fashion 2013

Jonathan Blake debuts fall/winter collection at the Omni

A rising star moves beyond the junior league.

04/22/2013 By Peter Holley

The quest for a good shave

Razor Burned

Will the Dollar Razor Club live up to its PR?

04/12/2013 By Peter Holley

H-Town Events

Design Fair 2013

From 3D printing to vintage furniture, Lawndale Art Center prepares to wow at Design Fair 2013

04/09/2013 By Peter Holley

The search for a good shave

A shaving hair-angue

03/28/2013 By Peter Holley