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Face of World Evolution

Comedian, Motivational Speaker, and International Best-selling Author, Nicolas Roman Srut

Presented by Nicolas Roman Srut, Comedian, Motivational Speaker + More December 7, 2021

Nicolas Roman Srut is a famous comedian, motivational speaker, an International Best-selling author with a reach of over 10,000,000 followers across his YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram profiles. Not only is he wildly famous on each respective social media platform--he has also been featured on ESPN, LADBible, Jungle Creations, and has been on various news programs in Taiwan, Russia, China, Japan, Portugal, Australia, the USA, just to name a few! Beyond his comedy career, he is a mentor to thousands of people with his same autoimmune condition, alopecia, which caused him to lose his hair at the age of 7. In 2022, his organization, The Naked Confidence Campaign, will be hosting an event in Los Angeles, all about empowering people with alopecia. This event will include alopecia celebrities such as Nicolas Roman himself, Hollywood actor Anthony Carrigan, professional models Jeana Turner, Christie Valdisseri and Kylie Bamberger, famous influencers @danigmakeup and @abbywrenartisty, as well as former NBA player Charlie Villanueva, and current NFL player Joshua Dobbs. 

Beyond this, Nicolas is currently taking strides to change the world, partnering with the Boys and Girls Club, to change the fundamental way that the education system works. He has an ongoing collaboration with Terry Crews in hopes to develop a program that will act as a trade school, making college more affordable for all people, and only last for A SINGLE YEAR. 

Nicolas also has assisted in content-creation and social media managing for celebrities such as Tanoai, one of the world's most renowned stunt-doubles who doubles for Dwayne “The Rock '' Johnson, as well as Richard Jefferson, host of ESPN. To complement this, he has a mentoring program where he teaches people how he turned BunMo Silly Suckers from a product no one knew of into a product with over 3,000,000,000 views across all of social media--meaning 1 in 4 people now have seen his videos featuring their product.  Chances are you have, too! If you want to learn how to become an influencer, social media content creator, or if you want to learn how to monetize your existing business or new business by means of social media, Nicolas is quite literally the go-to guy, sought out by Hollywood celebrities and billionaires alike. You can find his email at the websites below!