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The Face of Fine Thai Dining

Junnajet Hurapan (Chef Jett), Yi Peng Thai Dining

Presented by Yi Peng Thai Dining December 7, 2021

Yi Peng, named after the annual sky lantern festival, held to celebrate the full moon in Chiang Mai, is the very first Thai restaurant creating a Chef’s Table experience in Houston. Here you will find the deep-rooted, refined tradition of Thailand's culinary arts brought to the plate, including fresh herbs with health enhancing properties, promoting the uniqueness of Thai culture by using its best ingredients.

Executive Chef Jett comes from a family of chefs. This culinary expertise in Thailand has been passed down from one generation to the next. He started working in the kitchen at the age of 14 and earned access to family recipes the traditional way. Chef Jett has been perfecting his craft in a variety of cuisines including Italian, Mediterranean, Thai and Traditional American and now he is excited to bring them to you.  

Yi Peng’s interior seeks to create a unique Thai experience as we combine elegant decor with a traditionally themed Northern Thai-style dining experience. Start your meal off with a mouthwatering Salad Pad, the duck is exquisite. Then enjoy one of our curry dishes or chef’s favorites, the Kang Hung Lay. Finish things off with one of our sweet treats or craft cocktails! Finally, for those special occasions speak to Chef Jett about creating a one-of-a-kind Chef’s Table tasting experience.

We are excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Bellabot. "Bella" is a self -driving robot that can carry food and drinks from the kitchen to a customer's table, take dirty dishes and return them to the kitchen to be cleaned. Bella can also work by the entrance as a host seating people. 

Bella helps our staff to reduce work which allows us to focus on outstanding customer service. Bella doesn't just work! It meows when you pet it, sings "Happy Birthday," and more. This cute cat delivery robot is designed by Pudu Robotics.

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