May we all someday look as great as Tina Knowles Lawson does at 61 years old.

The mother of Beyoncé and Solange is on the July cover of Ebony reminding us that, yes, those superstar looks are genetic (and her regimen of Pilates five days a week doesn't hurt either). The magazine called it the #sexyforever issue for a reason. As Jezebel put it: Damn, Tina.

Let this be a beacon of hope to us all during bad times. In 2011, Tina divorced her longtime husband Mathew after she found out that he was having a child with another woman. Ouch. Fast forward four years and her keynote address at the Texas Women's Empowerment Foundation inspired and was featured on a new Beyoncé track, she's remarried to actor Richard Lawson—her April nuptials had the entire guest list in crisp white per Knowles family tradition—she "is in talks for a TV show about 'getting your groove back,'" according to Ebony, and she's looking dead sexy in red on the cover of a national magazine. 

Meanwhile her ex-husband is holding garage sales full of Destiny's Child memorabilia to raise some extra cash. This is called winning the breakup, kids. Don't forget to take notes.

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