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Train Like a Texan at The League

Texans nose tackle Christian Covington co-wrote the group training exercise classes taking place all day on NFL Draft Day.

By Ayshe Tayfun April 22, 2016

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Terry Williams trains athletes at The League.

Have you ever wanted to train like a professional athlete? Get in fitness formation with your favorite draft picks of the NFL season at The League Elite Training Facility for the studio's first-ever Texans Day workout.

It's the first of a series of partnerships between The League and some of Houston’s most popular and successful pro athletes in the coming months, each of them creating group training classes based on workouts performed during their own elite practices. It's a natural collaboration for the studio, which trains Houstonians using the same elite methods co-founder Terry Williams used when he trained Olympic and professional athletes.

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Williams' signature PAC(K) training classes—short for Power (strength), Aerobics (cardio), Circuit training and the studio's mantra, Keep moving—are designed for high-performance athletes but can be modified for all fitness levels. Every workout incorporates strength, power, agility and cardio drills. The classes follow the same format but with different exercises so that no two workouts are the same.

Drawing on Williams’ background and The League’s “train like an athlete” culture, the Texans Day workout was co-written by Texans nose tackle Christian Covington. The special workouts will be presented at all classes at both League Elite Training locations in Eado and the Heights on NFL Draft day, April 28—times vary by location. It's a great way to showcase what sets The League apart: Fun circuit training workouts that are gimmick-free, based on what real athletes and teams do in practice, and modifiable for all fitness levels.

To check out future workouts co-written by Houston’s professional athletes and other fitness events for a cause worth sweating over, check out The League's website or follow them on Facebook.

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