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Ladies and certain gents of Houston, please accept our formal apologies. We've fallen down on the job. Four days ago JJ Watt posted a shirtless photo of himself—and his abs—to his Instagram and Facebook accounts, and we are only now bringing it to your attention. 

Frankly, we're not sure how it took us so long. (Too many palomas on Memorial Day?) The shirtless photo has been covered on local news, and Watt even spent a couple minutes at his Texans press conference on Tuesday answering questions about the fevered response it got, namely over 100,000 likes on Facebook and 75,000 likes on Instagram. Talking about it literally makes him blush, which is almost as endearing as the aforementioned abs.

Fun fact: JJ was surprised at his own abs because the day before the photo was taken he'd eaten a burger and a milkshake from the just-opened Killen's Burgers. JJ Watt's abs are basically a miracle, according to JJ Watt.

"It was just a pool day... You know when the light catches you at the right angle? I was like, okay, that has to go out. You don't look like that every day," said Watt.

This completes your breaking JJ Watt news. You can return to your regularly scheduled activities until next Wednesday, when Watt hosts the CMT Music Awards. While shirtless, hopefully. 

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