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Don't Get Mad, Get Fit at 'Shred Your Ex' Kickboxing Classes

Unleash your frustration about an ex-lover, ex-job, ex-injury, ex-habit, ex-cuses, or anything else you want to viciously pummel into submission at ilovekickboxing.

By Amber Tong February 10, 2017

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Singles Awareness Day is just around the corner. Whether you are a veteran of the non-coupled alternative to Valentine's or are dreading spending the holiday alone, you're not alone. Maybe that means celebrating friends instead for Galentine's Day, or maybe it means expressing your feelings about your last relationship through roundhouse kicks at ilovekickboxing's "Shred Your Ex" classes this Monday night.

At its core, “Shred Your Ex” is simply a 60-minute full-body workout where participants punch, kick and land spinning back fists on sandbags. The magic lies in making it personal: participants are asked to bring a photo or a phrase—a target of your wrath, basically—to tape onto the kickboxing gear.

“Being single around Valentine’s Day kind of sucks, so we are having this event to get the frustrations out [and] have a little bit of fun,” says Joe Warren, general manager and co-owner of two ilovekickboxing studios in the Houston area.

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While the concept lends itself to romantic frustrations, the subject of said shredding need not be limited to an ex-partner: you are more than welcome to unleash your pent-up anger about an ex-job, ex-injury, ex-habit, ex-cuses, or anything else you want to viciously pummel into submission.

“I like to joke I’m going to put cupcake on there,” Warren says. “It’s originally meant for people who don’t have a Valentine’s Day to look forward to, but it’s really for everyone ... everyone has something that they have to overcome and shredding up a picture is really cathartic.”

The special 'Shred Your Ex' classes will be held at every ilovekickboxing studio on Feb. 13, including the eight Houston-area locations. Current members can drop in for free, and first-timers can purchase a $20 trial, which will cover two additional classes and a pair of gloves. The class is designed for people of all experience levels and promises to burn a few hundred calories. Once the negativity is out of your system, live DJs, raffles and other surprises will be there return you to a positive frame of mind.

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