Lisa Powers Is River Oaks District's New Shopping Pro

A personal shopping service means never missing out on one-of-a-kind shoe finds.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen June 1, 2017

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My first experience with a personal shopper was in my twenties, when a good friend started working at Nordstrom. It was a revelation. She knew all the departments inside and out and had already gathered things she knew would be flattering, on trend, and within my personal style. She made me try on things I would never pick out myself, and didn't even say "I told you so" when they turned out to be great. I spent a lot more money at Nordstrom than I should have in those years, but I looked good.

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Lisa Powers

For consumers of a certain financial status, the life-changing benefit of a personal shopper is nothing new, which is why the partnership between experienced Houston stylist Lisa Powers of Stylepoint and River Oaks District is such a self-evidently great idea. Now that District has amassed nearly 50 retailers, ranging from stylish bargains at COS to luxury boutiques where an outfit can run to five figures, having someone who is familiar with the latest finds across the brands, saving customers time by pre-selecting options from multiple stores and pulling them together into District's new on-site styling studio. It's the kind of service that shopping centers (especially luxury centers like District) are adding in order to add value that online shopping can't recreate.

How else would the average shopper discover a pair of one-of-a-kind—as in, one pair was made—strappy stilettos in rose gold from Giuseppe Zanotti; or have the foresight to invest in the suitcase-like handbags from Mark Cross at Forty Five Ten that are getting major love for fall? Powers is already sharing her favorite finds (including a lot of sky-high floral heels) on Instagram, and it's obvious she's having fun.

“I strive to create a highly customized experience for my clients to help them find their unique, signature style,” said Powers via press release.

Appointments for Powers' personal styling services can be made in advance by emailing [email protected]

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