Double Whammy

Local Skincare Line Finds a New Focus: Cancer Treatment Relief

Parry Botanicals' all-natural, non-toxic products turned out to be skincare saviors for cancer patients undergoing harsh treatments.

By Abby Ledoux August 16, 2018

Parry Botanicals Cancer Care Kit

Image: Daniel Ortiz

Something amazing happened when Elizabeth Parry started making her own all-natural, plant-based line of skincare products. First, it worked wonders on her sensitive skin—the primary objective of the interior designer-turned-beauty guru who launched Parry Botanicals in 2015 as the answer to a fruitless search for products that wouldn't irritate her sensitive and allergenic skin. The second amazing thing, though, was one Parry never saw coming: The gentle, non-toxic products greatly helped a friend with breast cancer after radiation left her skin thin and delicate.

"By keeping many of these reactionary ingredients out of my line, I had also inadvertently created the perfect salve to help reverse the havoc radiation treatments wreak on your skin," Parry says. She set out, then, to get her much-loved Restorative Cream, a deeply hydrating ointment for both face and body, into the hands of as many cancer patients as possible. She partnered with MD Anderson Cancer Center to offer free samples to those undergoing treatment.

Elizabeth Parry

It worked, and Parry Botanicals built an even greater word-of-mouth following through MD Anderson. While fundraising for the Texas Gulf Coast Leukemia & Lymphoma Society—Parry was a candidate for the organization's Woman of the Year in 2017—she met with yet more patients who revealed that, despite the volume of products dedicated to raising money for cancer research, there was actually a dearth of products for cancer patients themselves.

Before she launched what's now the Parry Botanicals Cancer Care Kit, Parry was "hesitant at first," she says, "for fear that [marketing something toward cancer patients] might give the impression that we were trying to capitalize on someone's suffering."

Friends and family reminded Parry her own health issues—a number of food and environmental allergies—were the very ones that spurred the company's launch, and how she'd have "given anything" then to find a product that offered relief.

Parry officially launched her six-piece kit last month with a portion of every sale benefiting the local Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance. The kit, which retails for $200, includes three containers (a combined total of six ounces) of the Restorative Cream that started it all, plus a non-stripping Botanical Cleanser, deeply moisturizing Hydrostorative Face Cream, and all-natural Organic Lip Balm, all products Parry specifically chose for their benefits in easing side effects (namely dry skin) of radiation and chemotherapy.

"It is my hope that anyone who receives this kit knows that it was given with love and hope that their treatments are successful," Parry says.

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