If you scramble beneath the brightly-painted McKee Street bridge spanning Buffalo Bayou and connecting downtown and Fifth Ward, on the south bank, and look up, you will see this.

It reads:

Bound -- 1'26"33 -- West
"Tex" -- "King' of' Tramps' 

Sometimes Tex would also stencil "K.T." as part of his tag—it stood for the Kansas-Texas railway (the Katy that gave the town and freeway its name), but according to these latter-day King of Tramps fans, he did not limit himself to that particular line or section of the country. Nor did he limit himself to inking his marks—supposedly similar knife carvings are all over old wooden railroad buildings across America.

If you go, be sure to clamber under the bridge on the east side of McKee Street. The west side is rocky, muddy and dangerous, and even more importantly, as we found it much to our chagrin, used as a toilet by some of Tex's modern-day descendants.

(We are typing this barefoot, if you catch our drift.)

Here's one more pic, putting the 81-year-old graffitto in context with another from a few days or weeks ago.

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