Gives new meaning to tank surfing in Texas.

Oh, the Texas Hill Country. Home to wildflowers, cattle, numerous wineries, and, you know, ranches where you can blow things up with a Sherman tank. For professional surfer and Red Bull official athlete, Jamie O'Brien, that's what it was all about on a recent trip from the North Shore of Oahu to Ox Ranch.   

In the latest installment of O'Brien's popular Who is JOB vlog, the surfer and his buddies set off explosives, try out a flamethrower, and even crush a car with a tank. O'Brien then "surfs" behind a tank—carving up a canal as the monstrous armored vehicle tows him on a line. 

While the 18,000-acre Ox Ranch is mostly known as a native & exotic hunting destination, it also offers tank and explosives packages via, and strangely, beginner and advanced yoga. The cheapest tank package starts at $650 and includes 40 rounds to shoot from an M60E4 machine gun. Or you can strap on the Vietnam-era flamethrower for $300, drive a Sherman tank for $2,800, or crush a car with a Chieftain for an added on $999.  

This isn't the first time O'Brien—famous for charging Pipeline, busting huge aerials, and being one of the only humans on earth to make soft top surfboards look cool—has brought his extreme surfing and bro antics to Texas. Earlier this summer, he and buddies, including surfer and fellow vlogger Ben Gravy, surfed a 50-foot sewer drain in Waco. O'Brien has also surfed off a yacht in Port Aransas and has even consulted on the BSR Wave Ranch, a two-acre lagoon that uses air chambers to generate world class sets, in Waco.

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