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Splashtown’s Wahoo Wave Is the Summer Adventure You’ve Been Waiting For

A tube, a slippery wall, and you.

By Ivanka Perez July 22, 2019

The Wahoo Wave.

Whether you need an escape from the heat or a reason to wear that bathing suit from your last beach vacation, there's reason to head over to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown this summer—the park's exciting new ride, the Wahoo Wave, is now open to the public.

At 60 feet tall, the Wahoo Wave is one of Splashtown’s tallest rides. Riders first go through a hairpin turn, then get swept up into a corkscrew turn. Before they see it coming, the riders are hit with a 30-feet drop—which is usually the riders’ favorite part, according to Splashtown general manager Christopher Thomas.

“Unlike any other ride we have, you don’t see the drop coming, and that’s what really makes it so fun,” Thomas said.

After the drop, riders careen onto an open wall, which is Thomas’s favorite part.

“You’re going to get really high up on that wall and you’re going to feel the weightlessness,” Thomas said.

Unlike many of the Splashtown rides, Wahoo Wave isn’t an individual or two-person ride — it can take up to four people. According to Thomas, this was intentional.

“We wanted a family raft ride, something that is going to allow multiple people to ride it and get to talk about their experience,” Thomas said. “You can definitely see that when you watch the ride.”

When it comes to pools, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown is already a family favorite: toddlers running around in floaties, kids screaming as they zoom down slides, and families riding water slide after water slide. So the Wahoo Wave should fit right in. And if you're wondering, yes, the park did undergo a rebranding (it was previously Wet'n'Wild Splashtown) and has numerous upgrades fresh for the 2019 season as well, including free WiFi and new dining and retail offerings.

Tickets from $42. 21300 Interstate 45 N. Visit

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