OMG! It's Houston Bird Week!

Birding and beer for Houston Audubon's 50th anniversary? We're in.

By Gwendolyn Knapp September 24, 2019

A grackle finding out it is not the Bird of Houston.

Dry your eyes, bird lovers of Houston. Yes, we know you've been sobbing since scientists reported last week that nearly 3 billion birds have vanished from North America over the last 50 years due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and more dire causes, and we are right there with you. 

Thankfully, right this very week in Houston, you can commiserate with fellow conservationists and help protect (and celebrate!) our feathered friends, all thanks to Houston Audubon's first-ever Houston Bird Week

Created in honor of Houston Audubon’s 50th anniversary and led by its Young Professionals Advisory Council along with more conservation partners, Bird Week not only draws attention to the billions of migratory birds that fly through Houston every year, along with our urban-dwelling chip-chips, but it also sounds (forgive us) like a hoot. 

There are events galore until September 28, including a birthday bash at Axelrad, pop-up birding stations, family-friendly bird walks, park clean-ups, and even an official Bird Week beer you can try at Bakfish Brewing. Some events do require registration and an entry fee, but anyways, a donation to Houston Audubon is money well spent.  

In anticipation of Bird Week, Houston Audubon also just announced its official Bird of Houston. After months of voting, Houstonians have selected the Yellow-Crowned Night Heron as our city’s top bird. Congrats!

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