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5 Things You Must Do This Weekend, Harvey Edition

There's a lot going on this weekend. But there's also that hurricane...

By Morgan Kinney August 24, 2017

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Tropical Storm Harvey rain potential.

There's a lot going on this weekend. There's the 24th Annual Theater District Open House (UPDATE: now cancelled), where organizers project 15,000 people could turn out for a sampler of Houston's Fall Arts programming to come. Dream Machine, something like a summer preview for the ever-popular Day for Night festival, will take over a warehouse for an evening of art, music, and general weirdness. Lady Antebellum (UPDATE: now cancelled) is gracing Houston with her musical gifts Sunday with a show at the Pavilion. We could go on, but why waste our breath? There's that other thing that threatens to overshadow it all: Hurricane Harvey.

If things take a turn toward an Allison-level deluge, you might find yourself unwilling (or unable) to do much outside the confines of your humble abode. Assuming you're safe and prepared to wait out the worst, here are some recommendations on how to while away the dark, stormy night.

Read about Houston's long history of crazy weather

Houstonia's August cover story chronicled how weather shaped our history, from the time 20-plus inches of snow covered Houston in 1895 to the Great Fifth Ward Fire of 1912. Hurricanes? Flooding? Power outages? Houston has seen it all.

Drink, drink, and drink some more

Alcohol is an important part of waiting out any inclement weather. We recommend heading to Spec's right now—the line is probably longer than at the gas station. You could pick up the usual six pack of Karbach or some Lone Star, but why not take this as an opportunity for self-improvement and learn to make a new cocktail? Perhaps master the art of the michelada?

Listen to A Piece of Work, the podcast that will help you understand "art"

This one sounds like work, but trust's not. Abbi Jacobson, of Comedy Central's Broad City, takes you on a hilarious journey explaining why that canvas full of squiggles is considered fine art, and why it's okay to be pissed off when you see a blank white canvas in a museum. In fact, that might be the whole point. 

Watch GLOW on Netflix

Assuming you have power, this is perfect opportunity to sit down and power through all 10 episodes of the Glorious Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). It's based on a true story, believe it or not, and features Alison Brie body slamming her way to victory and Marc Maron projecting the perfect image of '80s skeeze. And hey, consider it an education: former pro wrestler Booker T. Huffman says he's running for mayor of Houston.

Play Cards Against Humanity

As far as storm games, charades are soooooo Hurricane Ike. Think of Cards Against Humanity as the adult version of Apples to Apples, the kind of word game that garners BuzzFeed articles with headlines like "21 Hilarious, Awkward, And Painful Rounds Of Cards Against Humanity." And while you're out and about collecting bottled water to hoard like a mole person, you can pick up the game at any local Target.

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