New Music From Houston Artists

Houston artists have released all new music just in time for summer.

By Shelby Stewart

R&B Band Twenty Eleven is back, and released their new single "Step Close."  Image: Courtesy Jay Tovar

It should go without saying that women run the world. In this month's music roundup, the women of Houston dominated nearly every genre of music this month, from Rinas' soft rock track "Big Mouth" to Lenora's R&B single "Homebody." A few H-Town-bred TikTok sensations also gave us new and exciting sounds — Alaina Castillo released "Sad Girls Always Finish First" as a musical NFT, and Mariangela's 1 million followers couldn't wait to hear "Himalaya."

Male artists had a busy month as well. Fat Tony released "Lost Highway" in collaboration with Indianapolis-based band 81355 and Spacebomb House Band. In addition, Willie Nelson and Tody Castillo released full-length projects this month.

With spring arriving, musicians have come out of hibernation to bring us new tunes as the weather warms up.

Below, check out all-new music from Houston artists released this April: 




Amanda Pascali, “Temporary Home”


There’s been much conversation surrounding immigration with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and singer-songwriter Amanda Pascali shares her perspective in her new song, “Temporary Home,” released March 31. The song details her father’s tumultuous journey to Houston, after being alienated from his home country of Romania. Listen here.

The Suffers, “Don’t Bother Me”


As the first single and sneak preview of their forthcoming album It Starts With Love, The Suffers get groovy with “Don’t Bother Me,” released April 7. The song resembles a ’70s or ’80s jam with lead singer Kam Franklin urging us to leave her be as she lives her life. Listen here. 

Lizzo, “About Damn Time”


Following the release of her shapewear brand Yitty, Lizzo stepped back into the booth to create what may be a top contender for song of the summer. Entitled “About Damn Time” and released on April 14, the track is a psychedelic disco tune that preludes the arrival of her soon-to-come album. Listen here. 

Madeline The Person, “Mean”


After previewing a snippet of the song on her Instagram months ago, TikTok star and singer Madeline The Person will release “Mean” on April 29. She harmonizes beautifully, crooning about how hurtful people can be. Listen here. 

81355, Spacebomb House Band featuring Fat Tony, “Lost Highway”


Fat Tony is showcasing his ability to adapt to new sounds on his latest collaboration with 81355 and Spacebomb House Band for “Lost Highway,” which debuted April 20. The futuristic production situates Fat Tony as a lyricist, as he effortlessly floats on the beat. Listen here. 



Night Cobra, Dawn of the Serpent 


Led by singer Christian Larson, heavy metal band Night Cobra offers an ’80s-centric feel on its April 15 release, Dawn of the Serpent. The album takes notes from early sci-fi flicks, and it’s reflected in the production, especially on songs like “The Serpent's Kiss” and “Black Venom Dreams.” Listen here. 

Jono Jono, “Crazy Love”


Jono Jono is reclaiming punk on his new song “Crazy Love.” Delivered on April 22, the screamo-influenced song features the rock star moving through the perils of love and its impending doom. Listen here. 

Rinas, “Big Mouth”


Although women-led band Rinas hadn’t released anything since its 2021 EP, Singing In My Sleep, the April 1 effort, the soft rock ballad “Big Mouth,” marks a glorious comeback. With vocals from Marina Soliz and drums from Alysse East, the band reminds us that some things are better left unsaid. Listen here. 



Mariangela, “Himalaya”


Sony Music Latin’s latest signee Mariangela is taking the Latin music scene by storm. The  Mexican-American singer grew up in Texas and has been making waves on TikTok with her music covers. This month, she released her original song “Himalaya,” an optimistic track that marries poetry and romance, perfect for you and your lover. Listen here. 



Kathy Taylor, “The Blood Was Enough”


Ahead of Easter Sunday, Windsor Village Church’s worship leader Kathy Taylor released “The Blood Was Enough” on April 16. Written by her late friend Derrick Leon, the song ”is a gentle reminder that we no longer have to be bound by our past mistakes.” Listen here. 



Willie Nelson, A Beautiful Time


Willie Nelson’s discography is absolutely astounding. The country crooner has given fans more than 50 projects and is adding to his repertoire with his latest album, A Beautiful Time. Set to release on his birthday, April 29, the album includes features from Chris Stapleton and The Beatles. Listen here. 

Miranda Lambert, Palomino


Miranda Lambert takes her fans on a journey through songs on her new album, Palomino, set to release April 29. The project marks her first full-length effort since 2019. It’s inspired by her love for horses, a consistent theme throughout the project; you’ll hear her refer to the noble steed in her lyrics, including the album’s lead single, “Actin’ Up.” Listen here. 

Tody Castillo, Old Rodriguez


As his first body of work in 13 years, Tody Castillo’s album Old Rodriguez, which debuted April 8, showcases his Latin and country roots. The title track is a soothing blues-infused tune that makes you reminisce on the place you call home. Listen here.



Twenty Eleven, “Step Close”


Indie R&B group Twenty Eleven is no stranger to the Houston music scene. Originally formed in 2008, the group released multiple projects throughout high school before parting ways for solo ventures. The group reunited in March, and now the band is back with its first single “Step Close,” released April 11. The song is a copacetic deep cut with hip-hop influence, just ahead of the album happiness, sadness, etc., to be released in July. Listen here. 

Denzel Curry featuring Robert Glasper, “Melt Session #1”


Robert Glasper has made a name for himself in the music industry as an instrumentalist. He’s worked with the likes of Erykah Badu and Killer Mike, and has now stretched his expertise to conscious rap with Denzel Curry on “Melt Session #1.” The April 18 release is an eerie track that Glasper produced, and it serves as the album opener on the rapper’s LP, Melt My Eyez See Your Future.  Listen here. 

Alaina Castillo, “Sad Girls Always Finish First”


“Pocket Locket” songstress Alaina Castillo is entering the tech space with the release of her single “Sad Girls Always Finish First,” her inaugural music NFT that premiered on April 13. The song — which is still available to stream — is a dreamy track where she creates a safe space to feel your emotions. She tells her listeners that it’s okay to feel sad and that the sadness won’t last forever. Listen here. 

Lenora, “Homebody”


Right on time for that deep spring clean is Lenora’s “Homebody.” The April 13 release was accompanied by a stunning video. While we love a good day in the house, Lenora's ballad poses a deeper meaning on what it means to be a homebody — she beautifully challenges us to reflect inward and give your body the self-care that it needs. Listen here. 



Megan Thee Stallion, “Plan B”


After a wave of pop collaborations, including her feature on Dua Lipa’s “Sweetest Pie,” Megan Thee Stallion has returned to her hip-hop roots. During weekend one of the Coachella Festival, she previewed a new song to her fans and went on to release the full-length track on April 22. Titled “Plan B,” she delivers staccato-like bars and takes her power back. Listen here. 

Southside featuring Future and Travis Scott, “Hold That Heat”


In his first new feature following the Astroworld tragedy, Travis Scott was enlisted by Atlanta super producer Southside for the bass-heavy single “Hold That Heat,” which premiered April 20. You’ll hear the emcee’s voice immediately when you play the song, and he adds a hypnotic verse to the song as well. Listen here

KenTheMan, “Uh Oh”


KenTheMan was one of nine artists inducted recently into the First on Soundcloud 2022 class, a campaign geared toward championing rising artists who started their careers on the platform. To celebrate the monumental feat, the rapper released her latest freestyle track, “Uh Oh,” on April 20, which samples the 2003 hit “Never Leave You (Uh Oh!)” by Lumidee. Listen here. 

Monaleo featuring Flo Milli, “We Not Humping Remix”


Stomp Down’s lead rapstress Monaleo teamed up with Southern femcee Flo Milli for a remix to her hit song, “We Not Humping,” which made its debut April 21. For the remix’s cover art, the duo poses as two femme superheroes donning neon latex outfits. They rap back and forth on the track and showcase women’s empowerment. Listen here. 


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