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Top 5 Places to Try for World Vegetarian Day

It’s a happy day for veggie lovers, so why not make your stomach happy as well?

By Marianella Orlando October 1, 2015

Green seed latini panini llsany

The Latini panini at Green Seed Vegan

When I first moved to Houston about three months ago (though, it feels like it has been years now) I assumed I would starve in a state where steak is glorified. As a born-and-raised vegetarian who was nestled in the welcoming arms of Philadelphia’s ever-growing meat-free-friendly food scene, I apologized to my stomach several times in advance for the period of withdrawal it would surely have to go through. But I was ecstatic to learn on the first day that I landed in Houston—yes, literally the first day. A lady has to eat!—that the city is filled with countless restaurants that either cater to vegetarians and vegans, or serve only veggie meals. 

So to properly celebrate World Vegetarian Day , which is today, I rounded up five herbivorous eateries for you to check out tonight.

Pepper Tree
3821 Richmond Ave., (713) 621-9488,

This all-vegan restaurant, which features Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, was the first restaurant I tried in the city and a win for my taste buds. It is typically known for its $9.99 all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, but it also has promising dishes on the menu like General Tso’s vegan chicken, kung pao vegan beef and sesame vegan chicken—all made of tofu.

Green Seed Vegan
4320 Almeda Rd., (844) 365-8346,

Green Seed Vegan is a cozy little spot tucked away in Third Ward that's made quite the name for itself since its former food truck days. You will not go wrong ordering the crispy and flavorful cauliflower nuggets and Latini panini filled with tempeh—Green Seed makes its own with chipotle-flavored garbanzo beans—avocado, tomato and cilantro, all topped with chipotle aioli. Also check out their raw juices and smoothies, made with a combination of fruits and vegetables.

Simply Pho
2929 Milam St., 713-677-0501,

We’ve told you where you can find vegan ramen, but did you know you can also have vegan pho? Yes, that’s right. This Vietnamese-based restaurant specializes in traditional pho (hence its name) and even has a vegan version for all of the herbivores out here. Though most of the dishes are meat-based, the menu also has a section just for veggies. I recommend having spring rolls, tofu and clear noodles stir-fried in a coconut curry sauce and fried tofu served with hot chili and lemon grass.

Field of Greens
2320 W. Alabama, 713-553-0029,

From a tamale platter to a number of different veggie burgers to veggie lasagna, you’ll never run out of options to choose from at Field of Greens. There is something for everyone. Seriously. There’s even a kid’s menu. The restaurant has a mix of many different dishes that never fail to please. You won’t go wrong ordering veggie lettuce wraps for an appetizer, the raw kale salad to prep before your entrée and spinach enchiladas to end the night right. 

Green Vegetarian Cuisine
6720 Chimney Rock Ste. Y, 832-649-4184,

I can guarantee that after one trip to this vegetarian eatery, you’ll come back for more. Green Vegetarian Cuisine serves mostly American fare dishes and can make any meal vegan upon request. Try the “Chik-N Parmesan,” which is a meatless filet served with linguine and the best marinara sauce you’ll ever have, and the Mediterranean Bowl if you’re looking for something a bit lighter. It comes with kale salad, quinoa tabouli, falafel patties, veggies and pecan hummus. Before you leave, take home a goody box filled with vegan brownies, cupcakes and cookies.

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The Monk's Bowl at Green Vegetarian Cuisine




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