Welcomed Invader

Andrew Zimmern Spent the Weekend Filming His Show in Houston

The celebrity chef visited six local restaurants for his Travel Channel show.

By Timothy Malcolm July 9, 2018

This weekend was the weekend of Invader Zimmern.

Andrew Zimmern, the celebrity chef who is best known for Bizarre Foods, brought crews for his show The Zimmern List to Houston this weekend, trying out six restaurants, according to the Houston Press. The show highlights the celebrity chef's favorite restaurants, markets, and shops in locations across the world.

According to the report Zimmern first visited Gatlin's BBQ. Instagram user @desert_resident wrote that Zimmern was at the restaurant while he dined on a smoked bologna sandwich.

And this Reddit user spotted Chris Shepherd at Gatlin's with camera crews.

Zimmern then stopped by Crawfish & Noodles, where he hung out with chef Trong Nguyen and Shepherd. One would imagine, then, that Shepherd accompanied Zimmern on some of his eating adventures.

This is Zimmern outside Better Luck Tomorrow on Saturday night.

That's Zimmern Sunday at Hugo's for brunch.

Afterward he hit up the revered Original Ninfa's on Navigation.

He finally stopped by Himalaya, which he called "almost indescribably delicious in every sense of the word."

 No word yet on when the Houston episode of The Zimmern List will film. It airs on the Travel Channel.

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