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Beer Review: Ingenious's Hopwing

*Jerry Seinfeld voice* What's the deal with Game of Thrones beers?

By Timothy Malcolm May 15, 2019

If you've been to a brewery lately, chances are you've seen a beer named after something on Game of Thrones. I think it may be a prerequisite that before even working at a brewery, you have to know some obscure fact about the show. (I'd come up with something but I've never watched the show. I know. Don't get upset at me.)

Every brewery nowadays has a Game of Thrones beer, it seems. Ingenious, which leans in on superhero movies and science fiction, has a Game of Thrones-inspired New England IPA called Hopwing. It's dry-hopped with Citra (naturally), plus Eureka and Cascade. It's the Eureka hop that I really get here, combining with ever-strong Citra to deliver a more resinous taste that fills the back end. I feel like I'm missing some juiciness, but it's creamy upfront (thanks to oats), and there's plenty of mango, pineapple, and grapefruit on the nose to satisfy. Maybe not the most balanced New England IPA I've had—in my experience, Ingenious tends to lean bitter over juicy with its NEIPAs—but it's absolutely enjoyable. After my palate accustomed itself to Hopwing's aggressive flavor, I found myself craving it repeatedly.

Maybe if I start watching Game of Thrones I'll have a similar experience: A little harsh, complex, and confusing at first, but after a while completely addicting and fun. 

Nah, I really don't care about the show. Sorry, everyone.

Rating: 7.2/10

Explanation of ratings: 9.5-10: as good as the best beer in America; 9-9.4: the best beer in Houston; 8-8.9: among the better beers in Houston; 7-7.9: really good beer; 6-6.9: try this beer at least once; 5-5.9: if you’re stuck, this won’t hurt; 3-4.9: among the lowest-quality beers in Houston; 0-2.9: as bad as the worst beer in America.

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