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A Yankee's Guide to Houston: Rating the Super Bowl City Guides, from Forbes to Bravo

Whose take on Houston is the trillest?

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen January 26, 2017

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Are you one of the million expected visitors heading to Houston for the Super Bowl? If you haven't been here since the last time Houston hosted in 2004, don't expect to see much that's familiar—except the Astrodome, that's still sitting around. This city can be tricky to navigate, all spread out and with some of the best attractions hidden on back streets, or in strip malls, or served out of a truck behind a tire shop. Luckily several national media outlets have stepped up to offer their own lists of must-sees and -dos. How do they rate from a Houstonian's perspective? Let's find out.

Article: Houston Travel Guide: Where to Eat in the Super Bowl City, From the Chefs Who Know It Best
Publication: Bravo
Trill Rating: 5/5 Astrodomes

We'll start with a runaway success. Bravo asked 9 big-name chefs for their favorite places to eat, or places they'd recommend to visitors (the definition is not quite clear) and in the process serves up a truly inspired variety of 20 local dining options, from State of Grace to Sinh Sinh. Unsurprisingly it was written by a Houstonian.

Article: The Super Bowl Returns to a Transformed Houston
Publication: The New York Times
Trill Rating: 4/5 Astrodomes

An accurate and nuanced view of the current state of Houston, from all the new development downtown to the aftershocks of the oil downturn. The Gray Lady even kindly referred to the George R. Brown Convention Center as having "design elements resembling a ship," when we all know its simply the world's ugliest Pompidou Center ripoff. 

Article: The Texas Socialite's Guide to Houston
Trill Rating: 3/5 Astrodomes 

CNN was very clever to ask Lynn Wyatt for her local recommendations, and Wyatt keeps it so trill that she doesn't bother to hide that she wrote down some notes on what restaurants to recommend. Her passion for the Rothko Chapel is delightful and her description of White Oak Music Hall ("It is F-U-N, fun,") is a hoot, but recommending Phoenix-based Steak 48 over Killen's, Vic & Anthony's and Pappas Bros? Come on.

Article: Is Houston the NFL's Best Super Bowl Host City?
Publication: Forbes
Trill Rating: 1/5 Astrodomes

It doesn't matter how many times I read this, all I can take in is the suggestion that Houston residents refer to the Discovery Green-adjacent Avenida de las Americas as "ADLA." Whoever told you that is not your friend, Forbes. No self-respecting Houstonian—no Houstonian at all—has ever done or even heard of such a thing. 

Article: The Nine Reservations You Need In Houston
Publication: Bloomberg
Trill Rating: 5/5 Astrodomes

Props to Kate Krader for recommending visitors check out One Fifth, a restaurant that was not even open at the time of publication (it bows tonight) and which is certainly the hottest reservation in the city right now. This list brings it when it comes to both the latest hot spots (Riel, Xochi) and perennial faves.

Article: Houston, We Have a Super Bowl
Publication: Men's Journal
Trill Rating: 4/5 Astrodomes

You know how you and a friend can love the same album but violently disagree on the best song? That's how I feel about this guide. Dan Oko gets credit for directing people to the certifiably trill Graffiti and Street Art Museum, but suggesting surfing in February seems like a stretch. Switch Provisions to lunch and Caracol to brunch and we'll give it our seal of approval.

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