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Local Restaurants Are Selling Groceries, Craft Kits, Cocktail Mixes, and More

Eateries are getting inventive to help your quarantine.

By Timothy Malcolm March 25, 2020

Some items you can pick up at Good Dog Houston.

With margins thin during the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, some food-and-drink establishments are thinking of some creative ways to sell products to customers. Looking for an at-home craft project? Maybe a restaurant can help.

Here are more things you'll find that eateries are selling during the pandemic:

Market News

As of Tuesday, Texas restaurants are fully permitted to help the supply chain by selling retail products directly to customers.

Gov Greg Abbott worked with the Texas Restaurant Association and State Rep Tan Parker (Denton County) to finalize guidelines that restaurants should follow when product to customers. Those guidelines include:

  • Refrigerated food excluding produce is at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below at the time of sale.
  • Sold or donated foods must be clearly labeled with name of food, source, and date of sale.
  • Temperature-controlled-for-safety foods must not exceed shelf life stamped on package.
  • Damaged foods, without complete labeling from manufacturer, cannot be sold.
  • Only meat bearing a Texas or USDA inspection mark, or meat products from an inspected source meat, can be sold.

Food can also be donated, per other guidelines. Click here to view the full guidelines.

We recently wrote about restaurants selling goods directly to customers in Houston. Restaurants taking part include Local Foods (all locations), Good Dog Houston (both locations), and Cuchara (713-942-0000). Also, Federal American Grill is selling products, including toilet paper, as part of its curbside operation. Visit

Craft Kits

Want to decorate some cupcakes? Make a cookie? The Dessert Gallery is selling four DIY kits. You can decorate cupcakes, a cake, or cookies (the food is pre-made, but the kits include frosting, sprinkles, and spreaders), or you can make cookies (Dessert Gallery supplies dough balls and instructions for several flavors). Each kit is $10 and can be delivered or picked up at the Dessert Gallery at 3600 Kirby Drive. Call 713-522-9999.

Drink Kits

A number of restaurants and bars are producing cocktail kits for people wanting to mix it up for virtual happy hour (or whenever ... let's be honest). Of course, restaurants were given the green light to do this last week, long as they have a mixed beverage certificate and adhere to strict guidelines.

a'Bouzy has $8 kits for margaritas, rum punches, carajillos, old fashioneds, and other drinks, plus an $18 mimosa kit. Each comes with the alcohol and other ingredients necessary to make the drink. Can be picked up or delivered within a five-mile radius. Call 713-722-6899.

More spots doing margs: Arnaldo Richards' Picos (832-831-9940), Hugo's (713-524-7744) and Backstreet Cafe (713-521-2239).

Want a bloody mary? State Fare (832-831-0950) can send you a $30 kit with TLC vodka and a Mason jar of pickled vegetables. They're also doing $30 margarita kits and $15 mimosa gallons. 

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