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Mexico: Puebla

A burgeoning tourist destination that offers an authentic and interesting Mexican cultural experience.

Presented by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the State of Puebla, Mexico November 22, 2017

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PUEBLA, LOCATED ONLY TWO HOURS AWAY FROM MEXICO CITY, has become one of the best tourism destinations of the country, not only for its great cultural heritage but for being the perfect combination between the classic and the modern. Come and discover the new places that the city has to offer:

Teleférico de Puebla // Cableway of Puebla

The cableway is the newest attraction in town. It has a length of 688 meters, and two stations. The one at the Expositions and Conventions Center is 60 meters long and the one located at the Cableway Park is 68 meters long. From one of the two cabins, for 35 people each, you can admire the world’s largest urban mural and also the spectacular views that Puebla has to offer.

Museo Internacional del Barroco  // International Museum of the Baroque

As an example of the aesthetic achievements of our time, the Museo Internacional del Barroco has been created referencing the most up-to-date exhibition design tendencies by the firm of Japanese architect Toyo Ito. The contemporary relevance of the Baroque underlies the importance of creating the museum, designed in its entirety—from its architectural structure to its conceptual dimensions—to explore the complex Baroque essence of the 17th and 18th centuries, while also highlighting features of the contemporary Neobaroque. The MIB opens the doors to the expressions of the Baroque touching all aspects of human life, revealing its folds, drama, tension, and theatricality.

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Museo de la Evolución // Museum of Evolution

Located in the historical site of the forts of Loreto & Guadalupe, the Museum of Evolution is dedicated to show the 14 billion years process of the earth, since the Big Bang to the creation of men. It also highlights the fossil evidence found all around Puebla. It’s a one of a kind museum in Mexico, and specializes in the evolution of the species and the cosmos.