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New Mexico: Santa Fe

A picturesque city that celebrates global arts & culture.

Presented by New Mexico: Santa Fe May 11, 2018

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Santa Fe’s legendary blue skies and warm breezes make spring the perfect time to fill your days with culinary adventures, awe-inspiring nature and culturally rich experiences that can only be found in Santa Fe. A trip to this National Geographic honored city will be filled with new discoveries.

Wake up to stunning sunrises and fresh mountain air. Start your morning by exploring one of 50+ magnificent mountain and urban trails in and around Santa Fe perfect for biking, hiking, and running. Then, satisfy your appetite with a savory green chile breakfast burrito from a local café.

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After connecting with nature, take a deep dive into local culture with a leisurely stroll through one of Santa Fe’s many museums surrounding the historic Santa Fe, New Mexico Plaza. The Plaza also plays host to an amazing array of artisan boutiques and galleries with treasures to take home. Here, you will find authentic Northern New Mexican cuisine that tantalizes your taste buds. (Trust us, your appetite is in for a treat.) As the sun sets, nightlife awakens and everyone flocks to the famous Margarita Trail, home to over 30 delicious specially crafted margaritas. 

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So, whether your journey takes you to stimulating museums, music filled nights, exhilarating mountain tops or culinary delights, your time in The City Different has only just begun. Plan your escape today at SantaFe.org.

Visit Santa Fe
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