Red Carpet Glam Hits Houston with Launch of The Glam App

Hollywood actress has introduced an on-demand beauty service designed to fit your schedule, style and budget.

By Julia Davila January 18, 2016

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Guests received on-demand styling services at the Houston launch of The Glam App.

Actress and influencer Cara Santana hosted an intimate gathering in the home of her aunt, Joan Cohen, on Thursday evening for the Houston launch of The Glam App. The on-demand beauty service serves as a “virtual agency” and allows users to receive red carpet glam treatments from freelance hair stylists, makeup artists and manicurists in the comfort of their own home, office or hotel room.

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Actress Cara Santana demonstrates how to use The Glam App.

"I'm an actress first and foremost, and in L.A. we have what's called 'glam,' when you're getting ready to go to a red carpet or an event, you have hair, makeup and nails in the home and it costs a fortune. Usually your network or movie studio is paying for it and I thought, you know what, every woman deserves to have the luxury and convenience of in home, on-demand beauty,” said Santana to the group of guests. Unfortunately co-founder and stylist/makeup artist Joey Maalouf, who is known for his work on Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project, wasn't in attendance.

Users handpick local stylists based on their experience level and price point, with nothing over $100. Stylists range from one year of experience to five or more years of experience (VIP). This allows users to customize services to fit their needs in terms style and budget. Each stylist also has a personalized code so users can rebook them in the future.

“I think the number one difference is we act as a virtual agency for our stylists. We are the only on-demand beauty app that is actually an on-demand beauty app. Other apps that are out there work as a traditional booking service. So, basically, when you go to book, they're looking at the appointments that are coming in and then they're deciding which stylists take what. With our app when you book the message goes straight to the stylists that are available. They decide whether or not they want to take the appointment. Essentially it works similarly to Uber, if not identically so,” said Santana.

The Glam App is also different from other beauty service apps because they only take 10 percent from their stylists, whereas others are known to take 40-60 percent, according to Santana.

“We wanted to create something that was as equally advantageous for the consumer as for the stylist,” Santana said.

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Mini hair, makeup, and nail stations were set up inside the event, where guests could receive glam treatments for free. I jumped at the opportunity to be pampered and had my naturally curly hair transformed into luscious old Hollywood glam locks while others received polish changes and makeup applications. 

Launched in 20 cities around the globe including Los Angeles, New York City and London, Houston is the 21st city to land The Glam App, which is free to download from the App Store or Google Play. As a Texas girl herself, Santana believes on-demand beauty services are perfect for the Houston market.

“The thing about Houston women that I love is that Houston women are not afraid to be out and about, they're busy, they don't rest on their laurels or their man," said Santana. "They're out there in the world, working, being creative and I think why The Glam App works so well for Houston women is because they still love luxury. They still love getting dressed up. They're not afraid to get dirty, but they appreciate looking beautiful and this makes it convenient for them to do so."

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