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Downtown's Campiest Free Workout is Body by Broadway

Nobody's gonna rain on this fitness parade.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen June 9, 2017

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Image: Meilin Hyde

Not too long ago, the brand-new way to get your heart rate up around Market Square Park was to go for a swim in the pool that sticks out over the street at Market Square Tower. But as of this month, there's a new, free option for fitness in the park that will keep users on solid ground.

Body by Broadway starts on June 27 and will take place on the last Tuesday of every month through November at 6 p.m. A collaboration between Theatre Under the Stars and the Houston Downtown Management District, the hour-long workouts will be taught by instructors from DEFINE Body & Mind, with everyone sweating (and maybe singing, if you have the breath for it) to timeless Broadway tunes.

I mean, we've all psyched ourselves up for interviews by listening to Barbra belting "Don't Rain on My Parade," right? So there's no reason to think it won't also have a positive effect on how long we can hold a plank position. Let's just hope the playlist avoids Les Misérables.

Participants are advised to wear comfortable workout clothing and athletic shoes and to bring water and a towel. After the sweat session, wellness vendors will be set up in the park offering juice, fitness gear and other merch. So get there early enough to let people know you are not giving away your spot.

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Image: Meilin Hyde

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