This Houstonian Is Realizing Her Wrestling Dreams

Student of WWE star, Booker T, returns to the ring for November 27 event.

By Sofia Gonzalez November 24, 2021

Houston native and professional wrestler, Hyan.

When Hyaneyoung Olvera was a kid, she would go watch lucha libre in Mexico with her mom’s side of the family. By the age of seven, she told them that she was going to go pro one day. Years later, while  she was studying at the University of Houston, her dream came to fruition. 

Her road to becoming a pro wrestler started in 2013, when Olvera received tickets for Christmas to go watch a WWE match at the Toyota Center. The Houston native was so impressed she started to look for more wrestling to watch in person. It wasn’t long before she found a local Houston show and met legendary hall of fame wrestler Booker T. It’s the moment that essentially changed her life. 

I went to go take a picture with Booker T, and I asked him, ‘How do I become a pro wrestler?’” Olvera recounts to Houstonia. “He just said, ‘I have a school, sign up for my school.’ "

When she got home she looked up the Reality of Wrestling Fantasy Camp-- a weekend camp that gives wrestling fans a chance to learn the basics, and experience having a match in the ring. 

In order to pay for the school, Olvera quit her sorority at UH, so she could save up the money she needed to pursue her passion. She began the school in May 2014, and made her first wrestling debut that summer at the Reality of Wrestling’s first summer of champions. 

Now, Hyan as she’s known professionally, is an eight-year veteran in the wrestling world, and she only plans on building her legacy from there.

“When I first started, I had no idea who I was,” Olvera says. “I overanalyzed every little thing. Now, I very much go with the flow. When it comes to my matches, I'm way more confident. The overall skill set has vastly improved.”

Olvera was able to achieve her dream of becoming a wrestling champion for the Shimmer women's pro wrestling league. 

Olvera says that she studies matches intensely to get to know who she’s going to be wrestling. By doing so, she gets to see their reactions, their signature moves, and the techniques used so that she knows how to respond during a match.

“Once you get to a certain point, watching wrestling is what will make you a better wrestler,” Olvera shares. “There's a term that we call like ‘in ring psychology’, which is how do you bring the people into this match? The only way to really do that is with repetition, and also studying your own matches, studying the greats and taking what they do and incorporating it into what you do, and making it your own, adding your own little twist to it.”

Olvera has a couple of signature moves of her own that she likes to do in the ring. Her first one is a grand slam, where she holds her opponent up in the air really fast then drops them down on the wrestling mat. As for her second signature move, Olvera says it came to be by accident.

She was messing around in the ring one day with friends when they told her it looked like she was about to give someone a concussion with her knee. So now, her second signature move is called the CT Knee, which Olvera says is simply a running knee in the corner of the ring, hitting her opponent’s head. 

Olvera says that in wrestling, confidence is the key, because a wrestler must believe that they have the ability to do anything in that ring. It’s worked for her. She has earned herself a multitude of championships. Olvera is a three-time ROW Diamond Champion, the longest reigning Sabotage Champion, and she was the Heart of Shimmer Champion for almost two years. “My dream for the longest time was getting on Shimmer,” Olvera tells Houstonia. “I never would have in a million years thought, you know, I would have become a champion there."


You can follow Hyaneyoung Olvera on Insagram and TwitterShe will be wrestling at the New Texas Pro Wrestling “25 Lighters” event, which starts at 7 p.m. Saturday, November 27. It takes place at the Houston Premier Arena, 7122 Avenue B; for more information, visit Newtexaspro.com.

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