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Onigiri rice pockets stuffed with barbecued eel are $1.99 at Nippon Daido.

Emporio Brazilian Café

Dish: an order of chicken croquettes or an empanada

Cost: $1.99

Gran Colombia Restaurante

Dish: empanadas; Hawaiian empanadas

Cost: $1; $1.25

Hot Bagel Shop

Dish: bagel dog, New York's answer to the klobasneky

Cost: 89 cents

Nippan Daido

Dish: nori-wrapped rice pockets stuffed with tuna, salmon or eel

Cost: $1.50 each

Poppa Burger

Dish: literally anything on the menu

Cost: around $1

Shipley doniut ynr7aj

Breakfast for a couple of bucks.

Sandwiches Express

Dish: tuna salad, ham-and-cheese or egg salad

Cost: $1.99

Shabu House

Dish: small bowl of Taiwanese braised pork stew

Cost: $1.50

Shipley Do-nuts

Dish: the best dang donut in Houston

Cost: 89 cents

Tacos Aracelys #2

Dish: the best dang gas station tacos in Houston

Cost: 99 cents per taco

Zabak’s Mediterranean café

Dish: falafel; spinach pie

Cost: 75 cents; $1.39

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