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Depression is rarely funnyThe Office episode featuring Michael Scott's threat of jumping from the roof onto a bouncy castle being one of the rare exceptions—but at Houston's 3rd annual Depressed Cake Shop, you can certainly have fun while raising money to help battle the illness.

The restaurant and service industry is no stranger to depression, having lost many prominent figures to suicide over the years, from Michelin-starred chef Benoît Violier earlier this year and Chicago's daring Homaro Cantu—also a Michelin star-earner—last spring to Houston's own Grant Gordon, the wunderkind chef at Tony's who took his life in 2014. It's these acts the Depressed Cake Shop seeks to combat through the sale of baked goods donated by some of the city's most well-known pastry chefs.

This Sunday, the Depressed Cake Shop will set up at Paulie's on Westheimer, as it has done since its inception in 2013. Though originally created in the U.K., the charitable bake sale has since expanded to dozens of cities worldwide.

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Here in Houston, where the event's popularity has grown with each passing year, the roster of participating pastry chefs includes Julia Doran (recently named Pastry Chef of the Year at My Table's Houston Culinary Awards) of Hunky Dory and Bernadine's, Alyssa Doyle of Coltivare and Revival Market, Karla Espinosa of Kuu, Susan Molzan of Cherry Pie Hospitality Group (and formerly of Ruggles), Jillian Bartolome (formerly of Common Bond), Jackie Burdisso of Maison Burdisso, Adam Dorris and team from Pax Americana, Lyle Bento and team from Southern Goods, Caroline Ramirez of Triniti, David Buehrer of Morningstar and more—including local Depressed Cake Shop founder Jody Stevens of jodycakes

The shop will kick off at 2 p.m., selling its signature gray baked goods until 5 p.m. Cocktails will be provided courtesy of Deep Eddy Vodka, while coffee and other snacks will also be available. In addition to cakes, cupcakes and other pastry action, raffle tickets can be purchased at Paulie's or ahead of time online. All proceeds raised will be donated in equal parts to The Montrose Center and NAMI Greater Houston.

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