5 Egg-Cellent Dishes You Need to Try

Celebrate the humble egg's versatility with these meals that span the cultural culinary spectrum.

By Joanna O'Leary May 6, 2019

What’s the subject of the most-liked Instagram post of all time? No, not a Kardashian—but the humble egg. Oft called the world’s most perfect food, eggs are not only incredibly nutritious but also extremely versatile, and unsurprisingly form the basis for a litany of delicious dishes that span the cultural culinary spectrum. Here are a handful of some the egg-stra special ova options in Houston. 

Egg Tarts from Six Ping Bakery

With a crust flakier than a Real Housewife and far more palatable, Six Ping’s egg tarts are three-bite wonders of mildly sweet yellow custard and buttery brittle dough. They cost just under $2, rendering them perhaps the most affordable egg-centric dessert in town.

Matzoh Brei from Kenny & Ziggy’s

Since reading Ruth Reichl’s account of preparing matzo brei as a teenager for her posse of teenage friends in Tender at the Bone, I have been fairly obsessed with this soft yet crunchy breakfast scramble made with eggs and crumbled matzoh. Although matzoh brei is most often eaten during Passover, you can enjoy it any time at Kenny & Ziggy’s, which offers four versions (salami; corned beef; cinnamon sugar and applesauce; nova and onions).

Shakshuka from One Fifth Mediterranean

Available through July on the ‘Sightseeing Tour’ (tasting menu), the shakshuka at One Fifth, as per tradition, involves eggs poached in a fragrant tomato and pepper sauce. However, chef de cuisine Matt Staph puts his own leporine twist on this hearty North African potage via the addition of braised rabbit.

Hangover Sandwich from Egg Haus Gourmet

For those not-so-fun mornings caused by having too much fun the evening prior, Egg Haus offers the Hangover Sandwich as a way to clear your head and soothe your stomach. Encased in Egg Haus’s signature supple golden brown bun is a bit of the hair of the dog in the form of shredded chicken simmered in Spaten lager, topped with lettuce, tomato, queso fresco, and cilantro, then crowned with a sunny-side up egg and sauced with avocado-ranch dressing. Pro tip: if you skip the binge-drinking, you will still love this sandwich.

Scrambled Eggs With Shrimp from House of Bowls

True story: I went all the way to Hong Kong and the best thing I ate was scrambled eggs. This is a slight exaggeration, but one of my most memorable meals during my first trip to the island was a platter of soft-scrambled eggs studded with enormous juicy prawns and dusted with chopped green onion. The closest approximation to this fabulous Eastern iteration of surf and turf that I had in HK is the shrimp egg chow fun at House of Bowls.  They don’t skip on the shrimp or the oil, for that matter, so dieters beware (and hedonists, rejoice!).

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