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Yogis and Spinderellas Find Common Ground at Revolution Studio

But are you a Hustle & Flow or more of a Flow Rider?

By Ellie Sharp October 7, 2016

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A new spin or yoga studio opens almost weekly, and rightly so since these perennially popular fitness outlets not only help clients work up a sweat but also provide a sense of zen that many people seek in their workout routines.

Unfortunately, with the exception of big-box shops that offer every group class under the sun, most folks have to choose between the two in the name of time and funds. But it’s 2016, people, why can’t we have both!? It turns out we can with Revolution Studio, a local boutique fitness space that caters to yogis and cyclists alike. Native Texans and husband and wife team Mitch and Kim Syma opened the Sugar Land location in 2012, followed by a studio in Memorial City in 2014 and River Oaks in 2015.

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Mitch and Kim Syma

"We developed Revolution with the idea of creating our own indoor cycling concept that was fun, that was community-focused, that was a full body experience both mental, physical [and] spiritual,” explains Kim Syma. “When we started doing that we started thinking about how yoga plays into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual [health]—it's the perfect complement. Being able to go from the cycle to the mat in the same place and experience full body—mental, too—is amazing.”

As for the name? It’s symbolic in just about a million ways: the not-so-subtle reference to the Texas revolution, the studio’s defiance of traditional studio expectations, the literal rotating wheels in a spin class, even the process through which the Symas progressed from former lives to their current passion.

Finding the connection between a boisterous and high-energy spin class and a calm and low-key yoga practice might seem far-fetched, but it’s not. After all, both provide the means to connect both inward and outward while hitting on various points along the mental and physical spectrum. Those individual moments in a dark studio are equally powerful, be they on a bike or a mat.

There are two kinds of Revolution clients: those who started out as hardcore yogis and ignored the loud and high-energy world of spin, and those who were obsessed with spinning but never felt compelled to linger over lengthy poses in a meditative state. Guess what? Many of these folks, when given the option to try the opposite experience in an easily accessible format, discovered a hitherto unknown love of the very routine they expected to despise. And because Kim and her team are thoughtful in their scheduling, one doesn’t have to choose.

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Must be yoga class time.

For instance, if someone only has time for a single class, there are yoga and spinning options offered simultaneously. If, however, the goal is to take one of each back-to-back, consideration is made to ensure this option is available. Groups who are devoted to spinning first and doing yoga second are affectionately referred to as the “Hustle and Flow” whereas a select group that prefers to do yoga first and spinning second is known as the “Flow Riders.” Guests are encouraged to try both sequences to see what feels best.

The vibe at Revolution is friendly and the instruction intended to make sure everyone who rolls out a yoga mat or a clip into a bike is at ease and ready to embrace the experience at hand.

"The great thing about our classes is they are designed for all fitness levels, whether you are a first-time yogi or a first-time cyclist,” says KimSyma, noting that Olympic athletes have even graced the studio. “Our staff is really focused in making sure that the intimidation gets eliminated. All of our instructors are highly trained and skilled to work with beginners and make you feel comfortable.” Of course, fitness junkies are equally welcomed. Revolution has classes designed for those wanting to take their efforts to the max, with offerings like the Warrior Ride, which is 60 minutes instead of the normal 45.

Though much of the Symas’ energy is focused on the inside of the studio, they also make a concerted effort to connect with like-minded local businesses. This past summer they started Yoga On The Avenue, a monthly outdoor event free to the public that takes place in a sectioned-off portion of the West Ave. The bring-your-own-mat event features booths from local businesses and a live DJ spinning a custom beat for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Still not sure? Revolution Studio offers a sweet deal for first-timers with a $35 two-week unlimited package, so it’s easy to get the full experience without a big financial commitment. If choosing between studios, the River Oaks yoga studio features expansive floor-to-ceiling windows (“yoga in the clouds”) while the other two offer a candlelit room more akin to a soothing cocoon. Regardless of where you go, a yoga mat, yoga towel and spin shoes are complimentary for the first visit and available for rent or purchase thereafter.

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