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Work Out Where You Want with ClassPass

Want to muay thai on Monday and TRX on Tuesday? ClassPass is your ticket into gyms all over Houston and beyond.

By Ayshe Tayfun November 13, 2015

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There are endless excuses for not exercising. To name a few: “I can’t find a type of exercise I like;" "I get bored easily;" "Gym memberships cost too much;" "I travel all the time for work"… and the list goes on. ClassPass may be the answer we've been waiting for to solve our workout woes, especially if group exercise is your thing.

ClassPass is a monthly membership that entitles you to take classes at any participating gym.  It's available in 29 cities around the country and has almost as much variety in exercise formats, including Pilates, boxing, circuit training, TRX, yoga and more. You can use your ClassPass membership in all participating cities. If you travel for work, you can select ClassPass “flex” and change your location to view and sign-up for classes in a different city.

In Houston, for $89 a month you can unlimited classes at every participating gym or studio—the only caveat is a cap of three classes at the same studio per month. ClassPass requires that you pre-register for classes online (with a $15 fee if you cancel less than 24 hours before the class) but if you think that will be a challenge, download the ClassPass app on your phone so you can sign up for a class just a few minutes before it starts.

Find a friend to sign up with and get ready to explore the endless classes at studios all over Houston! Studies have shown that variety in your workout routine creates muscle confusion and makes everything you do more effective. If you've always been curious about aerial yoga or you want to try boxing, it's never been easier to give it a shot. Through trying out different studios and gyms, you may eventually land on one that you can’t pass up. Until then, well, you just ran out of excuses.

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