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As the name suggests, mixed martial arts, or MMA, includes a variety of martial art forms and skills for a well-rounded, balanced technique for fighting. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) professionals like Rhonda Rousey make MMA look easy, but it takes a great deal of skill to execute lightning speed punches and kicks. Most of us will not compete but rather will practice MMA for an incredible cardio workout.

Whether you are interested in a new workout or curious about learning how to protect yourself, NonameFit, a warehouse gym in EaDo will have their first MMA and self defense clinic on June 18 from noon to 1:30 p.m. Register online to sign up for this free workshop (though donations are appreciated). As you progress through the MMA self-defense clinic, you will learn and practice proper form to build on each exercise into more advanced movements and sequences. A basic level of self-defense knowledge will also be taught to help you feel more secure in what can be an unpredictable world.

Coach Samson Varghese encourages people at all fitness levels to take part in the workshop, noting that it takes problem solving and proper form to execute a move or sequence, something that everyone is capable of learning. This clinic will be a much tamer version of the UFC fights you see on TV—don’t forget your gloves at home if you have them.

NonameFit is located at 2010 Commerce Street. After attending the clinic, treat yourself with a visit to Tout Suite, located just across the street. You can practice what you’ve learned by protecting any pastries you buy from your friends!

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