Myth & Symbol



Color Theory

Changing seasons call for a change in colors

05/22/2013 By Rachel Foster


Time to Ditch the Bandage Skirt

A few hints for staying stylish under the summer sun.


Trend Report

Time to Ditch the Bandage Skirt

How, and how not, to dress for the summer heat.

05/22/2013 By Annabel Massey

Designer Spotlight

Chloe Dao on Project Runway Vietnam

The Houston-based designer on learning a second language in front of 87 million people, things Tim Gunn says, and why you won't see a Vietnamese designer give up.

05/21/2013 By Kerry H.

Do you tote?

Man Bagging

Nab a Houston job by showing up to an interview in style

05/21/2013 By Peter Holley

Jump In

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Polka Dot … One Piece

Bikinis aren't the only way to show some skin this summer.

05/20/2013 By Julie Bortnick


Swimwear 2013


H-Town How To

Summer Fest: What to Wear

Why does everyone always look the same at music festivals? Folks, this is not the place to conform.

05/17/2013 By Annabel Massey


Festival Fashion

H-Town How To



Hamilton Summer Collection

For their latest collection, Hamilton heads west

05/16/2013 By Peter Holley

Brand Watch

J. Crew's New Friends

The preppy retailer tops off a decade of reinvention with some Wintour-approved collaborations.

05/15/2013 By Tricia Gilbride

Men's Fashion 2013

Trimming the fat

New business allows men to slim their old neckties

05/14/2013 By Peter Holley


Chloe Dao Is Not Afraid of a Little Color

The Project Runway winner busts out her bright spring/summer collection for Boat People S.O.S.

05/13/2013 By Kerry H.


Chloe Dao for BPSOS

The Project Runway winner busts out her bright spring/summer collection for Boat People S.O.S.


Fashion Events

Spring Shopping Soiree at Tootsies

Toting her spring 2013 line of cruelty-free handbags, Cornelia Guest swings into town

05/13/2013 By Kerry H.

H-Town How-To

(Don't) Feel the Burn

Avoiding eye-destroying UV rays, one stylish sunglass purchase at a time

05/10/2013 By Tricia Gilbride


Calling all fashionistas...

Think you have what it takes to cover Houston style?


Designer Spotlight

Chloe Dao Opens Up

The Project Runway winner on coming to Houston

05/09/2013 By Kerry H.