Strike a Pose

Is This the Coolest Fashion Show in Houston?

Creativity reigns supreme when 20 interior design teams turn household materials into haute couture.

04/16/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Arbitrary Criticism

Festival Fashion for Amateurs

Keeping it classy when you're about to spend three days covered in dirt.

04/16/2015 By Catherine Martin


The Traveling Black Dress: Royal Vintage Edition

Add some Kate Middleton princess power to your LBD.

04/15/2015 By Beth Muecke

Heavens to Etsy

Where to Buy Vintage Clothes Online

Old-school fashion meets modern e-commerce at these Houston-based vintage shops.

04/14/2015 By Maggie Berardo

beauty and the budget

Get Ready for Houston Beauty Week

Seven days of salons, spa services and gym classes for less.

04/14/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


A Different Kind of Shop Party at Montrose Home & Closet

A new shop says hello to the neighborhood by kicking off a dinner series.

04/13/2015 By Kayla Stewart

heel yes

Beyoncé Is Designing Shoes with Giuseppe Zanotti

Finally, something to go with your freakum dress.

04/10/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

A Hair Affair

Playing 20 Questions at the Salon

After years of $5 haircuts, I'm re-discovering the salon experience.

04/10/2015 By Maggie Berardo


Where to Wear: Printed Shorts

From the parade to the ballgame or anywhere it's hot (read: everywhere).

04/09/2015 By Niki Fanara


Skirts, Off-Center

This season's skirts are going off-kilter with a daring dose of asymmetric edginess.


Girls Who Rock

Daisies, Tie-Dye and Band Tees: Music Festival Fashion

Unleash your inner flower girl with with lots of flowers, fringe, feathers and crochet.

04/08/2015 By Beth Muecke


You Know You Want This Heights Pillow from House Hunters

Television made it a star. Now, once again, this pillow can be yours.

04/07/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Heavens to Etsy

Sparkle with Houston's Etsy Jewelers

This quartet of local jewelry designers works with everything from arrowheads to agate.

04/07/2015 By Maggie Berardo

Made in Houston

The Prettiest Shoes in H-Town

New Houstonian Tess Harriss's stunning slippers are bride-beloved and Cinderella-approved.

04/06/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Arbitrary Criticism

A Meditation on the Man Bun

Bradley Cooper, and how I learned to stop worrying and love the man bun (a little bit).

04/06/2015 By Catherine Martin

Antiquing Adventures

Rounding Out Round Top

As Spring 2015's antique bonanza ends, a look at some of the spots to hit at the festival this fall.

04/03/2015 By Maggie Berardo

Bodacious blooms

Death to Flowers: The Best Modern Bouquets

Floral crowns, succulents and brooches are unexpected ways to rock a bouquet.

04/03/2015 By Layne Lynch


No Junk in this Trunk: April's 10 Best Trunk Shows

All hail the almighty trunk show, half temporary shopping experience and half party.

04/02/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


The Traveling Black Dress: Goth Ballerina Edition

Add some edge to your ballerina look with your classic LBD.

04/02/2015 By Beth Muecke

style about town

What to Wear to Bunnies on the Bayou: An Explainer

This party has everything any aspiring Stefon could want.

04/01/2015 By Javier Garza