Retail Therapy

Knot Standard Brings Custom Suits For All

Affordable bespoke tailoring comes to Houston via a new e-commerce showroom.

01/13/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

The Urbane Savant

3 Ways to Up Your Style Game in 2015

No resolutions, just results from execution.

01/09/2015 By Josh Robertson

Urbane Savant

3 Brilliant Last-Minute Gifts for Your Dapper Dude

Gifts that will knock his polka-dot socks off!

12/22/2014 By Josh Robertson

Urbane Savant

Take It To 2015: The Motorcycle Movement

Men's fashion has gone mad for motos.

12/16/2014 By Josh Robertson

Office Visit

Must Love Blogs: Fola Lawson of Southern Gents

The flashy menswear blogger on his love of European cars, top coats, and Tumblr.

12/09/2014 By Amy Chien


Find That Look Here: Manready Mercantile

Need a tee? Soap? Haircut? Gold axe? Manready Mercantile's 19th Street store has it all, with a classic American bent.

12/05/2014 By Josh Robertson

The Urbane Savant

Boot Up to Brave the Winter

The durable, wear-with-anything option.

11/18/2014 By Josh Robertson

Arbitrary Criticism

The Lazy Guy’s Guide to Dating

What women really want (hint: it's your sweatshirt).

11/17/2014 By Catherine Martin

The Urbane Savant

Take It to Fall: Denim

We've got a fever and the only prescription is more denim.

11/11/2014 By Josh Robertson

How to look good

Men's Style 101

Stylish guys hit The Class Room to talk sex appeal, shopping in Houston, and what every man needs in his closet.

10/31/2014 By Amy Chien

Elements of Style

Always Judge a Dude by His Duds

The owner of Manready Mercantile chats about his aesthetic, shopping local, and which Joneses are worth keeping up with.

09/30/2014 Photography by Sarah Gabbart

Men's Fashion

Hamilton Shirts Fall Preview

Classic prints, paisleys and, yes,'s a sneak peak at Hamilton's fall lineup.

09/03/2014 By Peter Holley

Sole Searching

Nine Shoes That Don’t Make You Choose (Between Style and Comfort)

Comfortable shoes are finally in fashion!

09/01/2014 Photography by Audra Oden By Katie McNew


Fall Fashion: Opposites Attract

Finding matchless beauty this autumn

09/01/2014 Styled by Todd Ramos Photography by Cody Bess


Summer Suit Soiree

Rudy and Debbie Festari hosted a mid-week event for friends to preview their new line of modern suits.


Happy Feet

Tracy McGrady Opens Sole Lounge

Sneaker aficionados rejoice as former Rocket Tracy McGrady opens men's clothing and shoe boutique.

06/24/2014 By Emily Donaldson

Gentleman's Club

Polos for the Texas Gentleman

The Tejas Yacht Club is all about high-quality apparel sans the stuffy 'tude.

06/19/2014 By Katie McNew

Men’s Fashion

Elements of Style: Instagram Edition

In a city where women’s fashion prevails, young upstart @BerlinNicholas aims to make room for the guys.

06/02/2014 By Sydney Lopez


Five (More) Fashion Bloggers to Follow

This time, we found some stylish dudes.

05/28/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

Fashion Guide

Expert Advice on Going Vintage

A guide to secondhand selections from the people who would know.

03/20/2014 By Alice Alsup