Pets Guide

4 Pet Shops for Exotic Tastes

If dogs and cats just aren’t for you, these stores can fulfill all tastes unconventional.

03/09/2015 By Catherine Matusow

Pets Guide

Slideshow: Pet Fancy

A gift guide for those discerning beasts who will settle for nothing but the best.

03/09/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Animal Attraction

Pets Guide 2015

The definitive guide to getting, keeping, enjoying, and surviving pets



Where to Wear: The Cowboy Hat

To the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, obviously!

03/06/2015 By Niki Fanara


A Sale That's Music to Your Ears

Head to Baytown for hot deals on instruments and more.

03/05/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


The Traveling Black Dress: Superhero Edition

Show your nerd love by adding some comics and Converse to your LBD.

03/04/2015 By Beth Muecke


Garden Variety

We didn't invent florals for spring—they pretty much invented themselves—but they've never been as sweet as on the shoes this season.


The Urbane Savant

3 Suiting Brands for a Dapper Novice

For a well-suited man the possibilities are endless.

03/04/2015 By Josh Robertson


How Not to Waste Money on Makeup

When it comes to mascara, makeup artists love budget-friendly brands.

03/03/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Arbitrary Criticism

Bohemia Is Dead

Just say no to boho.

03/03/2015 By Catherine Martin

Retail Therapy

Hey Hey, Monkees Is Open

The North Carolina-based boutique brand has debuted its first Texas store.

03/02/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

The Urbane Savant

Fashion Week Redux: Lupe Gajardo's Murmurs of Chile

The South American designer mixes traditional influences into an avant garde style.

03/02/2015 By Josh Robertson

The Urbane Savant

Fashion Week Redux: Taoray Wang's Modern Classics

The up-and-coming Chinese design talent proves fashion is universal.

02/27/2015 By Josh Robertson


Where to Wear: The Wide-Leg Trouser

Let this relaxed yet chic look take you from brunch to the circus.

02/27/2015 By Niki Fanara


Chloe Dao's Spring Awakening

Charming prints abound for spring at Chloe Dao.

02/26/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

The Urbane Savant

Fashion Week Redux: Carolina Herrera's Watery Dreamscape

For the regal water nymph in everyone.

02/26/2015 By Josh Robertson


Houston's Alexa DiBiasio Makes a Fashion Week Debut

The former intern for Chloe Dao and David Peck repped Houston on the Lincoln Center runways.

02/25/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

online shopping

Can Photoshop-Free Modcloth Start a Retail Revolution?

Don't we deserve to know what we're really buying when we shop online?

02/25/2015 By Maggie Berardo


It's (Still) Cuddle on the Couch Season

Cancel your plans, order delivery, and cuddle up with these stylishly cozy throws.


Arbitrary Criticism

Is Fringe Fashion's Most Dangerous Trend?

Trying and failing to resist the hypnotic power of fringe.

02/24/2015 By Catherine Martin