Four Experiences to Give Mom This Mother's Day

Because she deserves more than an iTunes gift card.

04/30/2014 By Sarah Gabbart


Mother's Day Gift Guide: Experience Edition

Because she deserves more than an iTunes gift card.


Indie Craft Fest

What Not to Miss at Pop Shop Houston's Spring Festival

Play some vintage games, make a terrarium, and perfect your hula-hooping skills.

04/28/2014 By Alice Alsup


Is This the Most Old School Barber Shop in Houston?

Look at a nudie mag, watch a Van Damme flick, and get your hair cut at one of the last real barbershops in Houston.

04/25/2014 By Peter Holley

window shopping

Item of the Week: The Elevated Tote Bag

An upgrade to the canvas classic from a Houston designer.

04/24/2014 By Tricia Gilbride

Haute Wheels

Meet the Shopkeeper: Basiques

A mobile shop aims to keep your wardrobe grounded.

04/23/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

Know Your City

Ten Houston Instagramers You Should Be Following

Instant inspiration for food, fashion, and travel.

04/22/2014 By Sydney Lopez

We Were There

An Evening with the American Dream Builders

Local reality star celebrates prime-time debut.

04/18/2014 With Sarah Pendley


An Evening with the Stars of American Dream Builders

Local reality stars celebrate prime-time debut.



Video: Houston’s Plastic Surgeon to the Stars

Why do hundreds of Hollywood starlets come to Houston for plastic surgery instead of getting their work done in L.A.? Dr. Franklin Rose explains.

04/18/2014 By Peter Holley

Boutique of the Week

Meet the Shopkeeper: Emerson Rose

Law school’s loss is Houston retail’s gain.

04/17/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

We Were There

M Penner's Magritte-Inspired Preview Event

It was like a performance art piece fueled by Pinot Grigio and chocolate truffles.

04/14/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

We Were There

Scenes From #RunwayForACure

A Midtown bar turns rooftop runway.

04/14/2014 With Sarah Pendley


Scenes from #RunwayForACure

Midtown bar turns rooftop runway.


Educate Yourself

Fashion and Film at Rice

A local designer launches a discussion about the most stylish films of all time.

04/10/2014 By Peter Holley

Houston Entrepreneurs

The Path to the Perfect Onesie

In a city that still lacks basic resources for clothing manufacturers, bringing a line to market is an uphill battle.

04/09/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

Spring Fashion

Spring Fashion 2014: Urban Renewal

Spring’s style sheet—takes to the streets of EaDo, and a new season meets a neighborhood reborn.

04/07/2014 Styled by Vico Puentes Photography by Micah Bickham

Elements of Style

Law is Back in Fashion

We talk to Houston lawyer Sammy Ford IV (great name, we know) about his not-so-stodgy style.

04/07/2014 Photography by Felix Sanchez By Katie McNew

Retail News

Square en Español

The company stops by the Bayou City to introduce its new Spanish-language product.

04/04/2014 By Sarah Gabbart


Wolf of Wardrobe: The Jonathan Blake Fall/Winter Collection

We were expecting the fashion, but the wildlife came as a surprise.

04/03/2014 With Sarah Pendley