Houston Restaurants Are Starting to Re-Open

How to keep track of which local restaurants are serving after Harvey.

By Alice Levitt August 29, 2017

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The scene at Field & Tides on Monday.

Image: Alice Levitt

In the last two days, a trickle started. Many businesses that opened after Hurricane Harvey did so only briefly when desperate hoards cleared them of food. But today, as waters recede in some parts of the city, more and more businesses are opening up.

Because of the tenuous nature of each of these businesses being able to serve at a given moment, we've chosen not to list them here. Instead, please follow the Facebook group, Hurricane Harvey Houston Restaurant and Bar Updates. In our own travels, White Oak Avenue in the Heights seems to be especially open to diners. Lights were on everywhere from Juice Land to Ritual.

But please exercise caution when trying to make it to a favorite restaurant that's open. Use this map to confirm that your route is safe. And call before you try heading anywhere—there's a chance that your favorite restaurant will run out of provisions before you get there. And because deliveries are all but impossible, once they run out, chances are they'll close again for a while.

Other restaurants are devoted to helping first responders and refugees. They're banding together via the Facebook group Houston Service Industry for Harvey Relief, started just yesterday by Carrie Jean Knight, wife of chef Richard, who has also been active in the effort. Chefs are still looking for groups to feed, so if you're in need, please reach out.

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